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7/17/2024 - Still waiting on the majority of my Star Wars Unlimited Set 2 boxes. Should be able to start listing on Thursday hopefully but I'm getting annoyed at this point. Delayed until Monday for a good chunk of it, Flipside Gaming strikes again with their problems. :/

6/29/2024 - Boy was I wrong. Managed to get 2 cases of EX06 and have them currently listed!

6/21/2024 - Extremely good chance I have 0 Digimon EX06 for release date and potentially after release. There's no reason its selling at $1200 for a case in my opinion and will not be paying that much for a case.

6/18/2024 - Got all of MH3 listed. Did really good with that making my money back in 3 days but now I have around 1000 orders to ship out lol. Probably working on this all week. I have secured some Star Wars Unlimited Set 2 product for release but not happy about the price. I may end up skipping Digimon EX06 as for some reason it's more scarce than BT16 was. I don't know what Bandai is doing but it feels like they lowered allocations to below One Piece but for Digimon of all things. The game is not that popular and the set doesn't come out for just over a week and it's sold out. Plus it's an EX set. Those are notorious for going below retail after 2 weeks of the release so I don't know what is going on.

6/6/2024 - After getting screwed by Flipside Gaming I was also screwed by cotegames! Bought 2 BT16 cases from them and they only shipped one without informing me they only had 1. What is going on?! Listed all the BT16 I ended up with as well as OTJ and Flesh and Blood Part the Mistvale. MH3 next week!

5/27/2024 - Welp. After messaging Flipside Gaming, the store I bought 2 cases of BT16 from, why they only shipped one case they informed me that they were shorted on their allocation. Glad they didn't message me until after I emailed them about this since now cases are $500+ more than what they were when I preordered. Probably will never order from them again as I'm now out half the product I was opening for the online store. Sucks.

5/22/2024 - Managed to get Lorcana Set 4 up. Still need to list my MTG OTJ and Digimon BT16 next week. I'm spending 14k opening MTG MH3 Collector's Boxes and Commander Decks. Should be fun. :D

4/15/2024 - I have been extremely busy. I think in the end I ended up opening around 26 Star Wars Unlimited cases (yes cases) just as the inventory of those diminished. It is doing very, very well. Probably the best product I've ever opened for sales. When Set 2 comes out in July I will be buying a lot of product for it. Funnily enough I'm not doing Shadowverse Evolve Set 4 and I am doing MTG's OTJ set which is the opposite of what I said last time. Only opening around 24 Collector's Booster Boxes with no plans of opening more currently. Should get those out in a week or two. 

Speaking of I will be gone all of next week on a trip. I'll be setting up Time Away on eBay and having all shipments be postponed until May 1st at the latest. I really like using the Time Away system on eBay that allows purchases to be made during those times. Interestingly enough a lot of the smaller sales where a person only buys like 1 $2 card seem to not appear as often while using Time Away (not that there's anything wrong with just buying 1 card but the time spent adds up if I get like 30 of those a day). I may start using Time Away more often to setup specific shipping dates like 2 days every week to make it easier for me.

3/18/2024 - I did end up getting Star Wars Unlimited listed and most of my Fallout stuff is up. Cracked all of my Final Fantasy Prerelease Kits and have them listed as well. I'm still getting a sealed master case of it as well. I ordered a LOT more Star Wars Unlimited boxes late last night before the supply dried up literally overnight. Boxes are pretty much sold out every where. I'm hoping that my order gets shipped out and doesn't get cancelled as this is probably one of my biggest acquisitions of a product since MTG 2X2. If it does get shipped I'll be listing the product in waves as I open it all probably.

Next month is Shadowverse Evolve Set 4. I don't plan on getting any Outlaws of Thunder Junction as I still don't believe in standard MTG products. I will also stop buying One Piece sealed product for the time being due to Bandai's continuing supply issues. So glad this hasn't affected Digimon much. I was going to also carry the new Dragon Ball product but that seems to be even worse than One Piece.

3/5/2024 - Been a while, lol. Most of my Lorcana set 3 listings are up. I plan on getting 40 Collector's Boxes of Universes Beyond: Fallout for MTG. Depending on the price of the box I may sell them sealed but we'll see (I won't be getting them until the Monday after release). Final Fantasy set releases at the end of the month, getting 2 master cases and a bunch of prerelease kits for the set. I might start carrying Star Wars Unlimited. If I do I'll know by the 8th.

Unfortunately I will be increasing the lowest cost of my cards to $1.90 due to a few different reasons. Main reason is cost. With cost of postage and packing supplies going up I don't have much of a choice other than completely removing the listing. Other reason is time. I can't afford to make almost zero money on single card orders and having to put the time into putting the envelope together and picking the card. 

To incentivize those who buy the cheaper cards I will be implementing an account wide discount of 10% off for any card purchases of 5 or more cards that value at $2.00 or less each. This will bring the price down effectively to my old lowest card cost. This can be any cards at this value so you don't have to buy like 5 copies of the same card. If this option does well I may increase the discount to cover up to $3.00 each. Hope you can understand this change that I have to make. You can see the discount being applied here as well as all of the cards affected: Click Me! 

1/26/2024 - Month has been crazy. Super busy as well as having to deal with a nearly 2 week long ice storm. I may be avoiding MTG for the near future on standard sets. Just doesn't seem worth the time and effort over the other card games I process new product for. Still doing stuff like Universes Beyond. Next month is new Lorcana, Final Fantasy and new Digimon set. I'm also buying Sorcery on a monthly basis. 


12/6/2023 - I will be gone until December 13 due to an emergency procedure. I'm fine but I need time to recover. Should be getting the new Shadowverse set soon and will try to get it listed when I can based on how I feel. 

11/26/2023 - Alright, I believe I have everything listed. Getting another 2 cases of Lorcana Set 2 around Tuesday and I might pick up some more Sorcery: Contested Realm depending on the price. Working on shipping all these purchases out this whole week. BUSY.

11/19/2023 - Geez, I think this has been the most I've ever worked on this store or anything work related at all. More than any Black Friday sales I've done IRL when I used to work at GameStop long time ago. So I have the pre-release product of Final Fantasy up, I've been opening booster boxes and listing Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta singles which have been doing very well, all of my Lost Caverns of Ixalan singles have been listed (opened a Green Neon Mana Crypt, a Green Neon Cavern of Souls and an Emblem Swooping Pteranodon in the same collector's case, only opening 12 boxes), I've listed One Piece ST10 cards, listed the singles from the last few boxes of Lorcana Set 1 I will probably open for a while, and I'm still missing half the product I ordered for 11/17. So this week will also be as eventful. Shadowverse set seems to have been bumped to December. Should be getting Lorcana on Monday with my Final Fantasy and Digimon showing up mid week. I also bought more Sorcery: Contested Realm to open and list (totalling to around 50 boxes). Happy Thanksgiving!

11/3/23 - Stayed up last night to list all of Lord of The Rings Special Edition that arrived early for me. Still need to list the rest of Shadowverse. This month in general for launches are pretty insane. MTG, Shadowverse, Final Fantasy, Digimon and Lorcana all have releases around November 17 and I'm getting product for everything. Priority if I get everything at the same time is Lorcana > MTG > Digimon > Final Fantasy > Shadowverse. Sounds like the MTG release will be delayed though.

10/24/23 - Got all of my Doctor Who stuff listed, sales have been pretty good with it. Most of my Shadowverse Evolve stuff is listed as well but should have the rest up in the next few days. I'm VERY excited for UB: Fallout and plan on getting 40 Commander Deck Displays and 40 Collectors Boxes. I will probably literally double that for UB: Final Fantasy if I can. Only getting around 12 Collectors Boxes of LOTR Special Edition but should be next new product I get in. Picked up around 200 Digimon Booster Boxes for fairly cheap, should have those contents up next week.

10/14/23 - Happy to announce that I'm now carrying Shadowverse Evolve. I currently have the second set Reign of Bahamut listed and will be listing the first set Advent of Genesis some time next week. Listed a full case worth of Final Fantasy Rebellion's Call (Opus 17) as well. Still waiting on my Doctor Who product. 

10/5/23 - Listed everything from the new Digimon Resurgence set and also started working on repricing all of my Final Fantasy listings. Next week is Dr. Who but I probably won't get my product until a couple days after release.

9/25/23 - Opened the One Piece OP04 case and based on the prices, I'll probably stop opening booster boxes on One Piece. The problem with One Piece is the pricing is similar to Pokemon where all the money is frontloaded on to the alternate arts and then mostly everything else is very cheap. Not a fan of those types of products. Still picking up more Lorcana and posting them as I go, singles are selling within days, crazy. Digimon RB-01 should be sometime next week.

9/20/23 - Been busy moving all of my Wilds of Eldraine cards from the now 53 Collectors Boxes I've opened, never doing that many as one person again, haha. Starting to pick up some more Lorcana and slowly listing the singles for that. Will be posting some Final Fantasy Wave 1 cards and Star Wars Destiny stuff that I got my hands on. Next week I should have my One Piece OP04 stuff up. 

9/10/23 - Looks like I'm done with TCGPlayer. Such as shame as it was working pretty well for me. They're refusing to pay me for product that I sent them and is marked as delivered by USPS of around $3000 worth of product. They are also requesting that I pay for the missing cards to replace the ones from that package. So I'm now out around $6k+ depending on price fluctuations since those sales were done. Because it's marked delivered I can't even attempt an insurance claim. 

On other news, I've listed and sold most of my MTG Wilds of Eldraine stock on eBay. I have another 18 Collectors Boxes coming my way in the next few days to also open and list. For Lorcana, I only have 1 of each starter deck, that is it. I will be checking local stores for product for the next few weeks. 

I'm also looking to buy collections and bulk for Final Fantasy, Digimon and One Piece. Please send any messages about this to preferably with images of the product and descriptions of what is within them to evaluate the lot and respond with an offer. I don't have buying prices nailed down at this moment and I'm willing to negotiate. Thanks.

8/28/23 - I'm pulling my TCGPlayer store until I can get my issues with them figured out. Basically they're withholding money from sales with TCGPlayer Direct on product that they already received/completed from me. Worst case scenario I quit using TCGPlayer for all MTG sales and I scale back MTG Singles to just Commander Decks and Collector's Boxes. If this ends up happening I'll probably list any thing above $2 on eBay that I have left then sell the rest as bulk boxes as eBay isn't very good for selling under $2 cards. It is what it is.

8/22/23 - Locked in product for next month, Wilds of Eldraine 20 Commander Decks and some Collectors Boxes, 2 cases of Digimon RB-01, and a case of One Piece OP-04. Definitely will get those out as soon as I can for singles and not spend most of my time playing Starfield. 

8/12/23 - Haven't finished the overhaul, lmao. I have however been super busy with Commander Masters. I dodged a few bullets not preordering any Set/Draft/Collectors. I have been buying some Collectors and Set Booster boxes now that prices have dipped a bit and have been listing singles from them on both eBay and TCGPlayer. I have promos from One Piece and the new starter deck singles for that going up tonight on eBay. 

7/30/23 - Just finished fixing Opus 10-14. Need to do 7-9, 1, then promos and the overhaul will be finished. Taking way longer than expected.

7/28/23 - All of Final Fantasy Dawn of Heroes is listed, won't be getting any more at the moment. Currently working on Opus 14 relist/reprice. Should have it done tomorrow.

7/25/23 - Digimon BT13 is opened, processed and listed on eBay. I opened a few of my Prerelease Kits for Final Fantasy Dawn of Heroes and listed those as well. Getting more Kits tomorrow and should be getting my boxes around the 31st. I cancelled my Set Booster Boxes for Commander Masters as I'm not a fan of the product. Still getting the Commander Decks and Collector's Boxes. Did a decent chunk of the Final Fantasy rehaul. I believe Opus 2-6 and Opus 15-19 is done. Will continue my way down from 15 and once 1 is done I'll get promos done next. At this rate it should be done around the 30th.

7/13/23 - I have 24 boxes of Digimon BT13, 10-20 Commander Masters Deck Sets, 10-40 Commander Masters Collector's Boxes, 6-12 Commander Masters Set Boxes, 15 Final Fantasy Dawn of Heroes Prerelease Kits, and 12 Final Fantasy Dawn of Heroes Booster Boxes locked in for the next 3 weeks. Commander Masters amounts will depend on the full spoiler so I'll at the very least get my minimum listed. Lorcana still up in the air as I'm having trouble finding preorders for it at a reasonable price. Might end up like One Piece and early Digimon all over again. Working on catching up with TCG Direct boxes then moving to finishing the Final Fantasy rehaul before Dawn of Heroes launches.

6/28/23 - Man. MTG LOTR was a huge hit. Transferred about half of the stuff over from eBay to TCGPlayer of the remaining cards I had. Listed all of my Digimon EX04 onto eBay. Will be opening another case of it soon to add to the listings. I do have a few One Piece boxes to open here soon as well. Next upcoming set is Digimon BT13 on July 21. I have at least a case, maybe 2, on the way. After that is MTG Commander Masters and Final Fantasy Dawn of Heroes on August 8. I plan on buying a case of FF and as many Prerelease kits I can get my hands on but unsure what I'm getting of Commander Masters. I have some stuff on reserve but I'm not sure how all in I'm going on the set after LOTR. Disney's Lorcana potentially mid August if they don't have any issues.

6/15/23 - Been super busy. I did start the overhaul of my Final Fantasy listings on eBay. Opus 3 and 4 are done. Opus 5 and 6 will be finished today mostlikely and I'll go from there. I will be receiving my MTG: The Lord of the Rings product in the next few days and will be processing and listing those on eBay as well. Once that is all listed I will go back to working on the overhaul. Digimon EX-04 also comes out next week. That will also be listed on eBay shortly after I receive product. Once Lord of the Rings is available to be purchased on TCGPlayer I will be moving the majority of the cheaper cards over to that. 

5/23/23 - Back from my vacation, been super busy with Digimon BT12 release and MTG Aftermath release. Currently working on sorting and getting everything back in order. Should work on getting the Final Fantasy overhaul done before June 1st hopefully (definitely not playing Diablo 4 around then).

4/20/23 - Pulled all of the listings of March of the Machine from eBay in anticipation of them being available on TCGPlayer tonight and listing them on there. Should have that done soon and should be close to having all initial product opened and listed on there.

4/14/23 - Actually got the March of the Machines product in early so I listed most of the valuable cards on eBay. TCGPlayer doesn't allow listing products until the official release date. Next product should be Digimon's BT12 Across Time on April 28. I will probably not be able to list those ones on eBay until a week after release due to being away during that whole week.

4/5/23 - Probably won't get done with the Final Fantasy overhaul. Got too busy recently and I will be doing stuff Friday-Sunday. Plan is to have it done next week when I have the time. Next newest product should be MTG's March of the Machines. Will be listing everything from it on TCGPlayer except any misprints will go on eBay!

4/3/23 - Currently working on overhauling Final Fantasy listings on eBay, should be done by Friday (hopefully).

3/23/23 - Opened a website a tied the website to my current store links. New Toploader Alternatives have the link/QR code, which is probably how you found this! Good job! You also found this message. Good Job! You deserve a 10% off coupon with up to $10 in savings on eBay that's valid for any of my listed items with a 1 time use and used when checking out your cart: WEBSITELAUNCH10

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