6/18/2024 - Got all of MH3 listed. Did really good with that making my money back in 3 days but now I have around 1000 orders to ship out lol. Probably working on this all week. I have secured some Star Wars Unlimited Set 2 product for release but not happy about the price. I may end up skipping Digimon EX06 as for some reason it's more scarce than BT16 was. I don't know what Bandai is doing but it feels like they lowered allocations to below One Piece but for Digimon of all things. The game is not that popular and the set doesn't come out for just over a week and it's sold out. Plus it's an EX set. Those are notorious for going below retail after 2 weeks of the release so I don't know what is going on.

Final Fantasy, Digimon, One Piece, Weiss Schwarz, MTG Misprints and Others!

I'm also looking to buy collections and bulk for Magic: the Gathering, Star Wars Unlimited, Final Fantasy, Digimon, Sorcery, and Lorcana. Please send any messages about this to preferably with images of the product and descriptions of what is within them to evaluate the lot and respond with a ballpark offer. I don't have buying prices nailed down at this moment and I'm willing to negotiate. Thanks.